Articles 2019

O Ciani, M Cucciniello, F Petracca, G Apolone, G Merlini, S Novello, P Pedrazzoli, N Zilembo, C Broglia, E Capelletto, M Garassino, E Nicod, R Tarricone
Lung Cancer App (LuCApp) study protocol: a randomised controlled trial to evaluate a mobile supportive care app for patients with metastatic lung cancer
BMJ Open 2019 9: 2 (link to the article)

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E Caselli, L Arnoldo, C Rognoni, M D’Accolti, I Soffritti, L Lanzoni, M Bisi, A Volta, R Tarricone, S Brusaferro, S Mazzacane
Impact of a probiotic-based hospital sanitation on antimicrobial resistance and HAI-associated antimicrobial consumption and costs: a multicenter study
Infection and Drug Resistance, 12: 501—510 (link to the article)

A Buja, R Fusinato, M Claus, R Gini, M Braga, M Cosentino, G Boccuzzo, P Francesconi, V Baldo, VD Tozzi, V Morando, M Bellentani, G Damiani
Effectiveness of Pro-Active Organizational Models in Primary Care for Diabetes Patients
Health policy, in press, available online 28/05/2019,