Healthcare Management

Coordinator: Lecci Francesca

Healthcare Management Area investigates the role and relevance of managerial tools and approaches on to the health care system performance with a focus on  health care organisation, health outcomes and costs of providing care. It conducts qualitative and  quantitative research projects aimed at describing and interpreting how strategic challenges and hot issues that arise in the turbulent political and social environment of health organizations (both public and private) and institutions may be addressed by adopting different managerial solutions.

The main research streams of Healthcare Management Area are:

  • strategic planning and competitiveness;
  • budgeting and cost & performance measurement systems;
  • organizational behavior and design;
  • service design & management and quality development;
  • IT management;
  • operations management and procurement;
  • financial management;
  • human resource management;
  • innovation implementation.

Ongoing projects