Milano - Via Bocconi 8, Room 01
03/12/2018 h.12.45
CERGAS Special Seminar "Health Reform in the US: What Happened and What Happens Next?"
On the 3rd December in the Room 01, from 12.45 to 14.15 CERGAS organizes the Special seminar "Health Reform in the US: What Happened and What Happens Next?", speaker Michael Sparer, Columbia University read
Aula Magna, Via Roentgen 1
29/11/2018 h.09.00
"OASI 2018. SSN E CERGAS, 40 anni insieme": download Conference Materials
Presentations available: 29/11/2018 Convegno "OASI 2018. SSN E CERGAS, 40 ANNI INSIEME" read
Milano - Via Roentgen 1, Meeting room 3 B3 SR01
22/11/2018 h.12.45
CERGAS Seminar "The institutionalization of corporate philanthropy?"
On the 22nd November, CERGAS organizes the seminar "The institutionalization of corporate philanthropy", speaker Arthur Gautier, ESSEC Business School. read
Aula Zappa, Via Sarfatti 25 - Università Bocconi
21/11/2018 h.18.00
CERGAS Special Seminar on "The Platform Shift: a disruptive technological revolution"
About 15 years ago, the rise of the Internet triggered a platform shift; a wave of Cloud startups quickly unseated the market leaders in many industries. This phenomenon was defined as “the first platform shift”. Do artificial intelligence has the potential to trigger the second shift? How can entrepreneurs take advantage of this shift and start creating value? read
Aula Magna, Via Gobbi - Università Bocconi
21/11/2018 h.09.30
2 Convegno Osservatorio sul Management degli Acquisti e dei Contratti in Sanità
Second Conference MASAN Observatory on Management of Public Procurement and contracts in Health Care read
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