Director: Prof. Aleksandra Torbica

Managing Committee

  • Aleksandra Torbica, Director
  • Francesca Lecci, Coordinator Healthcare Management
  • Patrizio Armeni, Coordinator Health Economics &HTA
  • Claudio Jommi, Coordinator Health Policy
  • Elisa Ricciuti, Coordinator Nonprofit management & philantropy
  • Giovanni Fosti, Coordinator Social Policy and Service Management

President: Prof. Elio Borgonovi


Scientific Committee

Prof. Elio Borgonovi, senior Professor at Dipartment of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University, is the the President of the Scientific Commitee

Prof. Thomas D'Aunno, Professor of Management; Director of Health Policy & Management Program; Director of Management Specialization, NY Wagner University website

Prof. Micheal F Drummond, Professor of Health Economics and former Director of the Centre for Health Economics, the University of York website

Prof. Jonas Schroyegg, Professor for Business Administration & Health Care Management, University of Hamburg; Director of the Hamburg Center for Health Economics. website

Prof. David Stuckler,  Professor at Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University  website

Dr. Alessandro Curioni - IBM Fellow, Vice President IBM Europa und Director, IBM Research – Zürich website

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